How to Grow Shiitake Mushrooms From a Log

Many hundreds of years ago in China, people started to understand and realise one of the best ways to grow Shiitake mushrooms naturally, making use of their woodlands and providing a highly nutritious source of food for their friends and families.

Nowadays anyone can grow Shiitake mushrooms themselves in just a few months, all you need is a suitable variety of log, some Shiitake spawn plugs, a hammer, a drill, and some patience.

You can purchase your own Shiitake mushroom plug spawn from a few online garden retailers, or if you are willing to learn a bit more about mushroom cultivation then you could have a go at creating your own spawn. Shiitake mushrooms love to grow on Cherry wood, but if not then you could try other fruit trees, or Oak.

To begin with you need a log that is quite freshly cut, because otherwise much of the goodness in the wood may have died out. mexican shrooms You will need to drill several holes in the log (depending on the amount of plugs you have to use), which should be about an inch deep. Don’t overload a log with too many plugs, and try and choose a log which is around 7 inches thick and about 12 inches long.

When you have drilled your holes in the wood, push the plugs in (which should fit snugly), and then tap them in using the hammer. Some people cover the ends with wax, to protect the spawn from predators (insects love to eat the mycelium on the spawn). Place the logs in a shaded area in your garden, and cover with plastic sheets or put in a black bin-bag, to keep the log moist at all times and thus prevent it from drying out.

Shiitake mushrooms should appear after a couple of months, and you may be able to have several flushes of mushrooms for about a 3 or 4 year period. Not only is this an exciting and interesting way of growing your own Shiitake mushrooms but it will also work out much cheaper too, considering the spawn will only cost a minimal amount.

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