How to Avoid Completely Overwhelming Yourself With Creative Projects

How often do you feel completely overwhelmed by the number of different creative projects you have on the go, at various stages of completion?

Do you find you get to a certain point in a project, then find you get a little stuck, so switch your energy to a new project, adding the old one to the mounting pile in the background?

This is a common issue with creative people, and we all have unfinished work in our homes or studios.

The first point to remember is that it’s OK to have unfinished projects.

You don’t have to see through every single piece of work from start to finish before moving on to another. There will be some works that you get stuck on, and don’t turn out the way you’d hoped they would.

Some ideas that begin with such amazing promise and excitement, burn out before they’ve really evolved. Other ideas that begin as very little, often in time evolve into one of our defining art works. Kreativ leg Sometimes at that initial idea stage you just can’t tell.

So, don’t beat yourself up over the fact that yes sometimes you don’t finish projects.

This becomes a problem if you never finish ANY projects. If you always seem to rush in with huge enthusiasm then fade and slow to a standstill, like a herd of wild rhino entering a sea of treacle.

Because you don’t see any projects through then you don’t get to experience every stage of your creative process. Then the more this happens, the more hung up you can get about not finishing projects. So you keep on start something new again and again, or give up creating altogether.

The solution is simply to start small.

Give yourself the opportunity to create a project from that initial glimmer of an idea, let it evolve into what it’s capable of being, and finally let it go, out into the world to be appreciated by others.

By small I mean really small. Not a short novel, but a 3 line haiku. Not a 12in by 12in canvas but a 2.5in by 3.5in Artist Trading Card.

By completing – and most crucially ENJOYING – a series of small projects, you build up your confidence and demonstrate to yourself that yes you CAN finish creative projects without getting completely overwhelmed.

You can then expand gradually, taking on slightly larger, slightly more complex projects. The stages of your creative process will be the same, and you will have learned by the small projects how to move through each one, rather than be completely daunted and give up part way through.

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