CBAP stands for Certified Business Analysis.It’s a certification provided by the IIBA

It’s the most widely recognised certificate in the world.The certification tests both the theory knowledge as well as the practical knowledge of the candidate with respect to BABOK which stands for Business Analysis Book of Knowledge created by the global BA certifying body.


This certification is mainly taken up by the professionals almost close to two to three years of work of art experience.There are n number of benefits by  taking up this certification few of them are

1.The international body will recognise the taken designation

  1. This certification creates good job opportunities for the ones working in the technical department to work in management department
  2. Career opportunities are lump-some
  3. With taking up this certification the business skills will be sharpened which will satisfy the business demands etc


This is the most sought after certification for a great growth in the corporate world this Certification has proved to be a great way for a salary upraisal,for  open global market growth,for growth graph professionally this Certification has proved to be great boost growth.A person can excel in this Certification only if he has a great knowledge depth IN BABok.The salary increment range after completing this certification has ranged between 17-21%.Better career growth has also been shown by taking up this Certification, taking up this Certification has being a great boon for those taking up this Certification.The cost and efforts to be given to complete this Certification is equally high as that of the benefits earned after completing the certification.

The fastest growing career opportunities for the IT’s is BA.


Steps to prepare for CBAP


1.Make sure that you’re eligible to take up the certification

2.The IIBA has to approve for the training on CBAP which happens within two to twelve weeks

3.The application should be approved without fail

4 .dedicate yourself for the test  and proudly say that you are a CBAP certified

The eligibility criteria for the certification are

CBAP has a very strict  eligibility criteria to reach for all the candidates

a.The candidate should and must complete 7500 hours in which 900 hours should be four out of 6 Business Analysis Book of Knowledge ver 3 knowledge areas.

b.Proffesional  development of 36 days in the past four years.

c.Two references through the career manager, client, or Certified agent

d.A signed code of conduct with IIBA


Step two-Take up the approved IIBA CBAP certification


Reasons to join a formal CBAP preparation.


It’s mentally impossible to gather and study all the content present on the internet and infact it’s not necessarily reliable too


These days you can find anything on the internet without much of any efforts, there’s an entire universe filled with free resources available for people who are seeking the knowledge, you can even find CBAP materials online for free, but the quality of content they provide cannot be reliable on, since every individual appearing for this Certification is a working individual they won’t be having enough of time to go through an entire universe and study everything found without any guarantee whether the information provided is useful or not.


This is where formal preparation comes to picture,the formal content in short contains the most useful content and reliable content which ain’t much time consuming and effort taking compared to y free resources provided by the internet.


The formal platform for the certification provides a great mentor who’ll be flexible with the students,by clarifying the doubts arised and answering the questions raised by the students.


Another reason why formal CBAP provides a reliable support,by providing all the required content and the necessary one to the candidates


To get a great result out of the Certification one should prepare oneself with all theBABok in depth


Apply the task ways in real life and acquire the knowledge and be crystal clear with the knowledge gained with this one can excel in the given tests


Create a mind time table as to what to study when from the BABok


For good results one has to dedicate himself totally, with no distractions one has to submit at least a

hundred hours of effort or even more to achieve the target


Preparation tips


  1. Never start with Business Analysis Book of knowledge, making yourself comfortable with the subject ,so first take up a CBAP guide which explains Business Analysis Book of knowledge in an easier way


  1. Always learn to connect the relations and tasks
  2. Practice multiple number of questions which should be sufficient enough to gain confidence in yourself


The test will be based on

a.Competency relied exam


c.The given questions will be off the jumbled form

d.The exam duration shall be three and a half an hour


Do not panic for the exam which will lead to loss of knowledge.

Relax and take time to answer each question

Drink water at particular intervals


All the best for your CBAP!

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