Can NR actually reverse aging?

In a world where everybody is obsessed with looking and feeling young, there is always a hunt going on for the next best thing that can help in achieving a younger look. Celebrities have made popular the idea of getting expensive treatments done in order to look young, like botox and other plastic surgeries. Following detailed diets and doing things like a juice cleanse is also very popular among the public.

But often people fail to realize that aging is a natural process and should not be looked down upon. Instead, one should take great care of themselves as they age to keep themselves healthy and fit. Also, on a brighter note, aging gives you the opportunity to focus on pampering yourself by taking good care, without the guilt for doing so.

Supplements can help you to ensure that you are getting the necessary nutrients and vitamins to maintain your bodily systems. The world of supplements is vast and one can often feel lost with so many options available. But the latest addition of a new dietary ingredient for supplements claims that it cannot only slow down the effects of aging but also can actually reverse the signs of aging. Interesting, right?

The ‘magical’ vitamin that claims to do the above is nicotinamideriboside chloride at , also known as NR chloride, NIAGEN, or simply nicotinamideriboside. The latest clinical trials of this compound suggest that the future of where we can slow down aging is not that far away.

In a study published by the medical journal ‘Nature Communications’, researchers have found that the commercially available form of vitamin B3, that is, nicotinamideriboside chloride, boosted an important enzyme in our cells that could possibly slow down the process of aging.

Nicotinamideriboside chloride is an organic compound that belongs to the family of B3 vitamins. It is an alternative form of vitamin B3 that acts as a precursor, or helper molecule, information of NAD+. It works as a protein to maintain our health, especially under stress. It is a key component in the creation of energy in our cells and is responsible for repairing our DNA.

NR, when ingested, gets converted into NAD+ in the body, which is fuel or important biological processes in our body. Apparently, it can increase the levels of NAD+ in the bodies of healthy middle-aged and older adults. It is also more efficient than any other precursor.

Since NAD+ is needed to give energy to important biological processes in the body like repairing DNA, circulation of blood, reducing levels of this molecule makes aging more evident. Levels of NAD+ can be boosted by following a strict calorie reduction program like Oleoylethanolamide (OEA) . The same results can be observed by administering doses of NR. NR is also observed to improve the cardiovascular health of an individual by normalizing systolic blood pressure and relaxes arterial stiffness.


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