4 Top Agile Project Management Tools To Keep Your Projects On Track

Agile project management is the concept where the project is divided into smaller parts so that the efficiency and productivity of the company increases. Moreover, breaking the work into smaller parts even enhances speedy delivery and provides continuous improvement.

However, there are some tools that a company using agile project management system needs so that they can keep track of the projects. Some of the most preferred project management tools are stated below.

Active Collab

Active Collab is a type of project management software that is highly used due to its specific benefits. The first benefit if this tool is that it is affordable and perfect for small and new businesses. Active Collab is even easy to use. Project managers can easily use this particular software and then teach the team about it without taking any stress. It has helpful document management, keeps a proper track of the project, has several; budgeting features to show the project managers about the budget, and how to reduce it.

It is great for project managers who are working on various projects at a single time. It has a user-friendly interface and can even be used on the iOS platform. Not only that, but the project manager can also directly send the bill to the client from the app itself. It has time tracking features and even has features to protect the information from several users.

Pivotal Tracker

The next agile project management software, which is on this list, is the Pivotal tracker. It is a software development consultant that assists various web and mobile developers. It can be found in the software industry as it helps in assisting the developers in their projects.

Pivotal tracker helps the project managers do multiple projects at a time, provide the tasks to the workers, message the user while working, and do a lot more things while still using the software. It is super easy to use and has an excellent iOS app with tons of benefits, and it even has various feedback tools that help the project manager get the response from the clients. Moreover, this particular tool even supports cross-functional teams, and anyone can use it. It is free of cost for individuals and public projects.

Agile For Scrum

Agilo is a secure communication tool, which is made for Scrum users. It is highly effective as it directly gives the stakeholders about the updates on the progress of the project and informs them about the type of work that has been done till time. The tool ensures that all the team members know about the latest updates and changes made in the project, by listing it in the “Incoming Activity” panel. With this, all the team members get regular updates about the project and work accordingly to complete the project on time.

Moreover, this particular tool even has a “Sprint Report,” which burns down the charts for the project managers to look at the projects. It has a user-friendly interface, is a great communication system, and even has a responsive support team. Though the tool comes with a price, the features that it provides are worthy of the price.

AtlassianJira+ Agile

One of the most trusted Agile tools, AtlassianJira+, is one of the most efficient project management tools that one can get. It is highly robust and delivers effective results to the employees. The team members can use this tool either as a cloud-based solution or as a self-hosted tool. This particular tool provides Scrum, Kanban, and even integrates with JIRA. This particular tool helps the project managers to make customized workflow charts and visualize the issues in the QA section. It helps keep constant communication with the employees and the clients with the help of “HipChat.” The software even has a system called “Release Hub,” which tags the project as “complete” when the person is sending the project to the client.

These were some of the most preferred agile project management tools which one can use in the company. While some of the tools are free of cost and come with helpful features, others are priced and provide advanced features so that the project manager can manage the projects in the company.

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